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Station nameStation name
Far Eastern Hospital

Far Eastern Hospital

Station addressStation address

B1, No. 17, Sec. 2, Nanya S. Rd., Banqiao District, New Taipei City 22060

Elevator locationElevator location

1. Exit elevator: Exit 3 (Nanya S. Rd. Sec. 2)
2. Platform elevator: West of paid area on concourse level

Information Counter locationInformation
Counter location

Near exits 1 and 2

Bicycle AccessBicycle Access


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Exit information
Disabled Access Exit No. Location Exit Facility Disposition Note
Exit 1 No. 120, Sec. 2, Nanya S. Rd. Stairs Escalator moving down
Exit 2 No. 122, Sec. 2, Nanya S. Rd. Stairs Escalator moving up
Disabled Access Exit 3 Intersection of Sec. 2, Nanya S. Rd. and Golf Rd. Elevator Stairs Escalators up & down
Metro Parking lots
Car Motorcycle Bike
0 139 185